Bromo Midnight trip
we can see the beautifull bromo mt with a short time ...........  
Welcome to Bromo Trail !!!!

Bromo Trail , has been one of the country’s leading tour operators specializing in services for the active volcano adventure or study tour in Indonesia, overland tours, beach holidays, tailor-made products, hotel accommodation and traditional leisure cruises.

We are based in Mt. Bromo area - Indonesia and owned by Bromo Trail, a reputable tour operator and travel agency based in Indonesia with more than 18 years experience in arranging package tours to South East Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia.

We have a wide range of experience in providing services to people in Western countries. Our ready-made-products featured in this site covered the variety from Sumatra the Western part until Papua the Eastern Tip of the country, but should you have any inquiries regarding the other products, which are not listed, please feel free to contact us. Our capable team can provide satisfactory services to special clients who want to travel on their own program; we can give you sound and experienced advice on tailor-made tours, speciality for active volcano adventure and to learn about the mather eart.

We have been adding our services in helping our elderly customers to get retirement visa in Indonesia. Actually we have done it for quite sometimes but since the requirements coming more and more significant then effective last year (2005) we have created this service as our additional core business. With our network that covers a great part of the country we are able to provide high quality services, so please do not hesitate any longer and give us the opportunity to arrange your beautiful journey in our endless destinations Indonesia.





Cemara Indah Hotel has 16 Standard  rooms.

  • 12 rooms with double beds and 4 room with single bed
  • IDR  450.000,- nett / low season
  • IDR  550.000,- nett / high season
  • IDR  750.000,- nett / peak season
  • Facilities: afternoon and evening tea, breakfast, hot shower

Tour Packages

Bromo Midnight trip
we can see the beautifull bromo mt with a short time ...........  

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Festival Seni Tradisional & Sejuta Api Bromo
Jadwal pelaksanaan Festival Seni Tradisional & Sejuta Api Bromo

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