Cemara Indah Hotel has 2 Superior rooms.

  • 2 rooms with double beds
  • IDR   750.000,- nett / low season
  • IDR 1000.000- nett / high season
  • IDR 1250.000,- nett / peak season
  • Facilities: afternoon and evening tea, breakfast, hot shower, aqua compliment, TV, balcony with Bromo mountain scenary

Tour Packages

Bromo - Ijen Package Tour
Bromo Mountain and Ijen mountain are very famous with its wonderful crater.  We will attend several beautiful attraction around Bromo area such as, enjoying sunrise at mount Penanjakan and going to the crater. Ijen mountain, that separated for 3 hour by car from Bromo mountain, have wide crater. It produce a large amount of sulfur every day. Of course we can meet the sulfur miner when going there. We will do this activity in 3 day 2 night

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Festival Seni Tradisional & Sejuta Api Bromo
Jadwal pelaksanaan Festival Seni Tradisional & Sejuta Api Bromo

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